Effect of Technological Revolution: The Benefits of Mobile phones in Business

Technological changes in modern economies are tremendously affecting the lives of people around the world. Innovations like the introduction of the cellular phone have made communication even easier that gave way to increasing efficiency in both public and private institutions. That is why cell phones are regarded as the technology which touches a number of lives around the world. The popularity of cellular communication lies in its appealing advantage as compared with fixed networks. He added that the most important feature of a cell phone is its portability in that the call is made to a person and not to a place.


Cell phones are becoming very popular for today’s business person. No longer is it necessary for the sales person to go back to the office to place an order into the computer, now it can be done by plugging his laptop computer into the portable cell phone in the car. Clients waiting for the late sales person can now be told from the traffic jam or the broken down vehicle by that person using a cell phone. The doctor is never too far away from the phone with the convenience of a cell phone. The applications of the cellular phone to the business community seem to be endless. In emergency situations like the case of a fire, cell phones can easily be used to contact the numbers of authorities that will respond to the incident. Likewise, police departments accept calls from cell phones to neutralize criminal elements that will reduce victims of crimes.

The benefits of cell phones far outweigh the issues and challenges associated with them; given the solutions, they provide a common problem or the opportunities they create to enhance the quality of life. There are solutions for children, options for seniors, applications for healthcare, and help for school work, to list a few. Technological innovations like cell phones have their impact on economic growth. The increased productions brought about by increased efficiency because of this kind of technology have actually contributed to the growth of economies.

In this video, the moderator will tell you about 21 rules of using mobile phones and mobile phone manner.





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