Adoption of IT in the Health Care Industry

Healthcare sectors see the improvement of its system in the application of new found technologies that are continuously discovered by experts. The betterment of the medical field to save lives and increase the life span of the people is their main concern.  However, the development of the health care industry is focused more on its administration and pharmaceutical innovation. The latest machines and medical developments that provide the best medical procedures are used by known hospitals. Diseases are cured in lesser effort and faster phase.

The topic focuses on the integration of institutions through the use of Information Technology. The health institutions are the sector that can consider the use of IT in integrating their services to best serve the community. In using technology and heightening the awareness of the people towards technology usage in hospitals, quality service may be given to each patient. Health institutions make use of two systems; information systems within the administration and the health information system between the health institutions and their patients.

The information system means that hospitals and health centers may consider integrating their information system as this will give better awareness to the employees and to the patients also. Another system that hospitals make use is the health Information Technology. This is focused on the administration of the medical information and to secure exchange of information between health care consumers and providers. The common factor between the two systems is the sharing of information within the hospitals and with their patients. As health care provides information and technical administration, the technology by means of its accurateness and its effectiveness can help to get better of the systems utilized by the health care institutions.

The new systems ensure that IT is used in the development of the health care industry. This will give many benefits for the system as the adoption of IT in different fields had proved to be successful at most times. Two ways of innovation are information systems and health information technology.

IT in the Health Care Industry

The use of information systems was initiated because of the complexity of healthcare processes in the amount of data involved and the improvement of technology in the sector. The information system must support cost-effective decision making for the administrations, and it should support clinical decision making of the physician and there must be integration between the administration and the physician. This can be adapted to the systems of the health sectors in starting the integration within the organization. The Information system of a health institution must consist of enabling security functions, management functions, and retrieval services that will be used within the system of the hospitals. For this is to be possible, the hospital management may follow certain models that will serve as the ground of the modern information system that will be implemented in the organization.

Health Information Technology

Health information technology was born out of the information demand from the patients. With the latest technology that the modern world can provide, the Internet and computer system can be the best avenue to gain information about their health. In this system, the public and private sectors are involved. A framework is built that includes plans to identify and learn from agencies experiences, and defines the goals and strategies to be implemented. The structuring of the IT framework for this system is beneficial in terms of improving the quality of health care. And it prevents errors in medical operations, reduces cost, and expands the access to affordable and faster care. The use of Health Information Technology helps the hospital give better services to the patients by giving the most updated information for the health consumers.

IT in the Health Care Industry2

Constraints in using IT in the health sector

Implementation of Information Technology brings certain constraints for the health sectors. These problems can hinder the successful development of Information Technology in the system. Factors must be assessed properly so that the organization will be able to determine the possible problems and to be expected solution for this.

Problems that may be encountered by the health sector are the environment forces that surround the organization. These are the regulation, benefit and payment policies, and legal liability. The problems in regulation happen when the government does not allow adopting the innovation that the health institutions can do. The absence of reliance in government policy will not help in the improvement of the institutions. A firm policy must be made so that it can support the innovation that health care may perform. The payment policies become a hindrance when the hospitals will not be able to make a strong policy of charging the patients and giving back the security needed by the consumers. The legal liability is the rules provided by the organization or the environment will be a problem if it cannot provide the proper policies that will support the innovation.

In implementing the new system, the organization may also experience constraints in the actual operation that will be performed by the management. The new facilities may provide confusion for the employees and will make it hard for them to use such machines. This is seen as a problem if machines may not be used properly. Another factor is the adoption of the changes in the hospital. The adjustments to these new steps will be a challenge for the hospital management. Problems arise in the usage of technology but it is seen that there are still solutions to many presenting problems that technology can give.

Future Possibilities of IT integration

There are many benefits that Information Technology can offer in the health care centers. Certain improvements will now lie on the facilities and treatment that will be used based on the new discoveries that are made by experts. However, integration will be possible from the support that the government will give in the institutions. The biggest constraint is budget deficit which had lessened the quality of service provided by most hospitals and health centers.  If the proper budget will be given, there will be enough room for improvement and integration using Information Technology facilities will be possible. Private hospitals may offer to extend reach to the public centers to improve the system of the government-funded hospitals. Through proper methods that will be used and the software that will be issued by hospitals, proper integration is possible.

Here’s Geoffrey Moore on Technology Adoption:





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