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The advantages of the Internet on the enterprising societies cannot be denied even in Amazon.com. It has enabled the easy access to transactional data for investment organizations and its business partners, including the flawless and thrifty interaction of this critical investment data between these two. In addition, the utilization of Internet and online business transacting is at present the most prescribed manner of having business transactions, as the Internet can act only as a channel of connecting with its users, but of searching fresh ones and of managing interactions with present users also.  Further, provided the emerging usage of Internet in every part of the present community and industries, more and more customers are becoming knowledgeable of the threats and risks of Internet scams and this customer awareness establishes significant meanings on the part of businesses, as they need to give more initiatives to persuade usual customers not only to do their transactions, buying and data collection with the utilization of online services.

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While the Internet has changed and definitely improved the quality of lives of most people, this huge mechanism, and its associated tools have realized the opportunity to a growing amount of security and electronic crimes from which people, households, and entities must be aware to avoid being victimized. The emergence of piracy and Internet crimes has transformed into deadly threats. The results of the damage of piracy can vary from simple to the totally demoralizing. Many individuals that are connected with the Internet business hypothesize that time will be enough to disrupt the questions of customers concerning the security of Internet buying, yet individuals related question that greater online experience and excessive exposure to the potential dangers of Internet buying will lead to increased potential dangers.


At present, no validated findings have criticized whether improved stages of online practice are related to greater or decreased levels of potential hazards and worries regarding safety and security of buying on the Internet. Also, the growing body of customer-based online investigation that is emphasizing on privacy and safety-based topics implies that these topics may play an important duty in the establishment of Internet transactions. Nevertheless, there have been few validated studies regarding how Internet scam topics connect to the knowledge of the customers concerning the potential dangers. And with the growth in the usage of the Internet, various worries and issues regarding piracy emerge. Moreover, phishing, vishing, pharming, spam and other invalid activities being done over the Internet have transformed into intensely contested topics. Some view policies as the only solution to protect against illegal activities; but because of the global scope of the Internet, global policies will be increasingly hard, if not very hard to accomplish.

Moreover, electronic mail is one method that is now also seen as a very useful tool by those who wish to do such a deed because it is one way of hiding a worm or a virus that could be used to see what is on your computer at the moment and use the information they get in order to make unauthorized purchases on some online shop, or they could also sell it to the highest bidder for instant money. And the viruses and worms that come with the email could also potentially harm the computer enough in order to erase all important files on it or make the computer totally useless by disabling some vital programs that it needs for its smooth operation.

This video takes you through the risks and opportunities of E commerce. Know if E commerce is a risk or an opportunity. In this video you will learn various stages that you will go through in an e commerce business and the characteristics of each stage.




Speaking of hackers, it is also easy to see why the information network is constantly threatened. It is believed that there are 2 classes of hackers: one which hacks to fix any strange goings-on in computer systems and which the owners know what they are doing, and one which hacks into a computer system in order to access private files not authorized by the owner of the system.


Moreover, the issue concerning server threats is secrecy violation.  This usually occurs when web browsers display the servers’ folders. Meanwhile, it is apparent that e-commerce utilizes databases to store and retrieve product information. When databases are not properly secured, it is possible that other parties may be able to download and alter valuable information. Hence they employed digital signatures, digital certificates and certificate authorities are also beneficial for security purposes.


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  1. At the end of the day, you should train your staff in e-commerce risk management. If your staff is unable to implement your risk management procedures, all of your efforts will be in vain.


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