Ideas on E-Commerce Marketing Activities

In terms of internet marketing, companies generally divided between those who actively and exclusively market their offerings only through their Internet and those who, although having an online presence already, still maintain a network of traditional physical stores. Firms which focus on pure web marketing definitely have an advantage over partial cyber-marketing as far as maximizing the potentials of their e-business is concerned. They are usually the one who invests much more aggressive in web marketing strategies such as advertising in major search engines and popular websites and portals, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and America Online (AOL), and making banner link exchanges. Partial cyber-marketing can be considered a hybrid form of marketing since it presents a compromise between internet marketing and traditional marketing.


Time and cost of converting a traditional business to a purely online business are factors seriously being considered by the management of conventional businesses. Firms which have been well entrenched in the industry prior to the advent of the internet are usually the most resistant to making the abrupt and complete shift. Also, some businesses are still best to be transacted conventionally. This is most especially true for the manufacturing, automotive, housing and heavy industry sectors. Having only a partial stake in the online world also serves as a cushion against the so-called internet bubble burst, an incident wherein the entire economy dependent on the internet experienced a downward turn. This occurrence can be likened to the crashing of the value of stocks in conventional financial trading.  Furthermore, security of transactions and the precision or accuracy of the captured details from the client is also information being bored in mind by traditional executives.


In terms of web marketing models, firms such as can enter the online market as an electronic distributor or electronic broker. The former usually takes on all the responsibilities from receiving the payment, delivery, and shipping of the ordered product, as well as possibly attending to customer inquiries and complaints as pre and post-sales services. The websites of electronic distributors are, therefore, used for the purpose of generating sales and keeping them. The job of the electronic distributor is, thus, much more diverse and, at times, more complicated than an e-broker. This, in turn, demands a lot from their e-commerce websites.  There are several considerations that have to be factored in creating a fitting website for a company who wishes to launch its presence in the online market. For one, the concerned e-commerce website should provide a clear list of products and services being offered. The content that can be viewed on the site also needs to be related to these products and services and update regularly. The website should also be user-friendly. It is also important for the site to captivate its target audience with its look and feel and easy navigation as this will entice them to go back to make a repeat purchase. Furthermore, a good website can also encourage satisfied customers or clients to become loyal patrons and even become word-of-mouth advertisers for the company’s website. A dynamic site, with unique features, search and order facilities and continuous improvements is likewise a good start. Online tracking of delivery is also a good asset of an e-business website involved in selling tangible goods. Ensuring confidentiality and security of transactions is a paramount agenda.


Additionally, start-ups can start with another mobile marketing scheme: the Cellular phone marketing. Technological changes in modern economies are tremendously affecting the lives of people around the world. Innovations like the introduction of the cell phone have made communication even easier that gave way to increasing efficiency in both public and private institutions. That is why cell phones are regarded as the technology which touches the number of lives around the world. The benefits of cell phones far outweigh the issues and challenges associated with them; given the solutions, they provide a common problem or the opportunities they create to enhance the quality of life. There are solutions for children, options for seniors, applications for healthcare, and help for school work, to list a few. There is an emphasis on the technological innovations like cell phones given that it has a vast impact on economic growth. The increased productions brought about by increased efficiency because of this kind of technology have actually contributed to the growth of economies.

This interview answers common questions and concerns people have when starting an e-commerce website. Get strategies, tips, and ideas to help you sell more online.




In addition to that, mobile marketing can also result to “relationship marketing” which is one modern marketing intervention that has been gaining much currency among many organizations today. It is primarily geared towards the retention of existing customers and building enduring relationships with them through the use of IS technologies. This is brought about by the prior knowledge that it is more expensive to convince a new customer as compared to the costs of keeping an already existing one and that the longer the relationship, the more profitable will it be for the enterprise. Thus, in a great sense, relationship marketing is preordained towards the cultivation of customer loyalty, a claim seconded by empirical undertakings and actual business practice. Suffice it to say, as a new avenue for advertising, promotion, public relations and a host of affiliated activities, the Web had greatly revolutionized the way business is conducted, precipitating the age of the e-commerce. A lot of organizations could already attest to the potency of relationship marketing. The cumbersome list would include multinationals and local home-grown enterprises from various backgrounds such as manufacturing, retail and wholesale, aviation, agro-industries and a whole lot of more. The success is largely caused by the infusion of better standards in generating and keeping customer information and generating timely responses based on data analysis.


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